About Us

Our company have been in business  since 1989 when we start as a pool service firm.  The company keep growing day by day making enfaces in pool safety fences,  pool safety nets,  pool covers and pool automation  and water treatment (salt chlorine generators,  automatic PH controllers,  ozone generators,  automatic pool cleaners etc…)
As pool safety distributors we have been installing pool fences since 1992 making us the oldest installers and suppliers of removable pool fences in the island of Puerto Rico.
In 2004 Joel Vega introduce the pool safety net for the first time in Puerto Rico giving another option for protection to pool owners.   In 2006 he also introduce the automatic pool cover  and the manual pool cover making our company the most complete Pool Safety Company in Puerto Rico.
In water treatment the company provide the most innovative products in the industry to help people keep the best crystal clear and sparkling water possible with no big effort.  Then born the INTELIPOOL,  the self maintenance pool .  This mean saving money in chemicals and labor making our systems paying by itself.
Take a little time and click in Product and see what we have to make your life easy and safest.
Give your pool the chance to be an Intelipool.