The Aqua Safe pool fence is build stronger than any one making it the safest pool fence in the industry.

Our borders are reinforce with four stitches in both sides bottom and top.

The poles are new technology. They are made with marine aluminum and reinforce at the base with
PVC and solid stainless steel pegs 5/8” This technology make our pole stronger than any one. No more
call back to claim broken poles. The hole in the floor is just 5/8 diameter and almost invisible.

The mesh come in different colors to match your patio furniture and deck surface. It comes in four and
five foot tall with child proof latches.

Our self closing gate is an important part of the fence giving peace of mind and true close. This reduce
the possibility to leave the fence open.

All components of the fence are removable for easy storage. When the fence is remove the owner can
cover the holes with the include caps.

All poles are cover with powder coating paint and a modern hammer finish for better look.

The fence is translucent so you can see the beauty of your pool and yard. Is easy to clean.

All our material pass rigorous test to meet or exceed ASTM restrictions for Florida and California.

Call your Aqua Safe dealer for a free estimate and begin use your back yard peace of mind.

Let US help make your life easy and safest.