About Pool Cover Specialists®

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Pool Cover Specialists® was formed in 1984 as a pool cover maintenance company and manufacturer of upgraded replacement parts for various automatic-cover systems, the company began manufacturing the earliest version of its own automatic cover system, the Solar 2000 in 1986.
In 1992, the company launched its first nationwide distribution campaign with the most-state-of-the-art system available, the INFINITY 4000™, which set a new standard for excellence and innovation in the automatic cover industry.
Thanks to this low-maintenance, user friendly system, within a short time, the company soon dominated several automatic cover markets around the country.
Still considered to be "an engineering masterpiece in progress," the company continues to refine the INFINITY 4000™, which now boasts the most powerful motor in the industry, the strongest pulleys, the most durable, "tested" fabric and rope, driver gears that continue to boast a zero-failure rate (and which carry a lifetime warranty).
The industry's only electronic torque limiter (with bi-directional sensitivity), the industry's only redundant (backup) autostop system, the industry's strongest drive pin (not a shear pin!).
In addition, the system includes the industry's most extensive array of track options (11 in all) in addition to Total Package components designed to integrate installation of INFINITY 4000™ aesthetically into the substructures of every vinyl-liner kit pool on the market and most precast (fiberglass) pools.