“Dime y lo olvido, enséname y lo recuerdo, involúcrame y lo aprendo” (Benjamín Franklin 1706-1790)

Our Product

Infusion Pool Products introduces, Revolutionary, Venturi Driven Swimming Pool Return Line Fittings! V-Fittings’ venturi technology deep heats while drastically enhancing circulation, improving chemical disbursement and reducing energy consumption. Deep heating highly compliments the effectiveness of solar pool covers and solar systems.

Save time, money and energy by simply replacing your standard eyeball swimming pool return line fittings today! V-Fittings’ 60 degree venturi deep heats by drawing warmer surface water through strategically placed louvers thrusting it to the floor of the pool creating a cleaner, easier to service swimming pool. V-Fittings have no moving parts and simply attach, by hand, to 1.5 inch threaded wall return line inlets worldwide. Go Green while saving money and improving water quality for the life of the pool!

Made in the U.S.A.



  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Extend Your Swim Season
  • Benefit from Cleaner, Healthier Water
  • Maximize Solar Cover Performance
  • Sweep debris towards the main drain
  • Target Dead Spots, Steps, and Benches
  • Create an Easier To Service Water Quality
  • Compliments Energy Efficiency Regulations Nationwide
  • Enjoy River Flow and Fountain Features
  • Will Pay for Itself and Keep Paying You Back
  • Ask Your Service Professional to Install V-Fittings Today and Start Saving Money!

    V-Fittings’ directional increased flow disrupts sediment from side walls and floor of pool increasing effectiveness of chemicals and swimming pool filters. The installation of Infusion's venturi return fittings will save time, money and energy associated with operating and servicing swimming pools while enhancing water quality through increased circulation and improved chemical disbursement.

    Deep Heat

    V-Fittings increase velocity of water being returned to the pool, by the pool's circulation system, which creates a draw of warmer surface water through strategically placed louvers within the surrounding body. The result is a greater volume of surface water being dispersed to the floor of the pool-deep heating while maximizing circulation. This deep heating feature highly compliments the effectiveness of solar pool covers and solar systems.

    Advanced Skimming with River Flow and Fountain Features

    V-Fittings’ river flow and fountain features create a soothing, more enjoyable environment while maximizing pool skimmer performance. Easily adjustable, V-Fittings can be aimed towards the surface of the pool, providing a cooling effect, on hot summer days.

    Save on Chemical and Energy Costs

    The installation of V-Fittings provides energy savings through reduced circulating pump and pool heater operating times. Improved directional circulation evenly disperses chemicals, eliminating algae buildup, reducing various chemical uses and evaporation.

    The Advantages of Our V-FittingTM Product