Hydromax RP-200


Designed to control scaling of your pool and enhance filtration. 
Controls scaling in both your pools plumbing and on the pool 
surface. Compatible with in-ground and above-ground pools, 
the device can be installed quickly with no plumbing.


- No Salt or Harsh Chemicals
- Enhances Filtration - Pristine Water Clarity
- Prevents Limescale from Forming on Surfaces
- Gradually Softens existing Limescale Deposits
- Reduces Surface Tension - Soft Silky Feel
- Restores & Maintains Pool Heater Efficiency
- Reduces Dry Skin Condition
- Economical and Energy Efficient
- Environmentally Friendly
- No Plumbing Required - Installs in Minutes
- No Maintenance - Three Year Warranty
- Compliments Chlorine Salt Generators


The Hydro-Max Electronic Water Conditioner & Descaler is an advanced water treatment device that physically alters the behavior of "hard water" without adding anything to or removing anything from the water. Minimum calcium hardness is absolutely necessary to protect your pool surface from leaching damage. However, if water balance is not perfectly maintained the calcium can cause scaling of the pool surface, plumbing and heating system. Hydro-Max provides a simple, affordable solution to this complicated problem. The effect triggers mineral particles to be attracted to one another forming a suspended fine powder instead of hard scale on the pool surfaces. This process also promotes flocculation of fine dirt, debris and bacteria which is then removed in the filter improving clarity. In addition it reduces water surface tension giving the water a soft silky feel.